Professional Services

Kelly, Inc. – Electrolysis (How smooth are your cheeks?), 708-386-4663

Luna Electrolysis –  Transgender Hair Removal, 708-665-5225

Suzanne Anderer, CPE – Permanent hair removal,  815-469-0050

Dr. Mark L. Zukowski Feminization & Plastic Surgery in Chicago, 847-853-8869

Dental Services by Dr. Michael W. Koehne DDS & Dr. Diane M. Metrick DDS 319 Roosevelt Rd, Wheaton. Call 630-665-5555 for an appointment

Fred Ettner, MDGeneral Practitioner with deep knowledge of hormone therapy, 847-733-2229

Jackson Voice Lab – Voice modification and improvement in the Lakeview area of Chicago. They utilize singing techniques and speech therapy techniques to help improve vocal tone and timbre. 630-390-4857.

Living With Crossdressing – Savannah Hauk

Liz Tattersall, Trusted Coaching Professional

My Feminine HeartCassandra Storm & Lindsey Taub

Transgender Legal A legal resource hosted by Phyllis Randolph Frye, Attorney at Law