Officers Bio

President – Susan Holtz – 2nd Term

I‘m happy to continue my service on the CGS board, and looking forward to my new role as President.  My focus will be on adding value to membership; providing social activities, programs, special events, and educational resources; and increasing our visibility and contribution to the LGBTQ+ community.  Thank you for this opportunity.  I will do my best to serve all of you.

Email Susan at: [email protected]

Vice-President – Katie Thomas – 1st Term

History: Member of CGS since April of 2000. My first elected office with CGS was as Vice-President in 2002.  I held that position for five years until I was elected President in 2007. I held the position for two more years. After serving as President, I continued on as Editor/Publisher of the Primrose for several more years. While serving in those varied positions I also wrote a monthly column, “Katie’s Korner”, thru April of 2014. CGS has always held a special place in my heart. CGS gave life to Katie. Prior to finding CGS I spent my life closeted.  Finding CGS gave me inspiration to ‘come out’ and do something for the Transgender Community. After a hiatus of eight years, I feel it is time to again give back to CGS in gratitude for helping me to grow into the happy Transwoman that I am today. I have no particular agenda for the future, only to do whatever it takes to once again make CGS the most vibrant organization in the Transgender community.

Email Katie at: [email protected]

Treasurer – Wendy Bruce – 5th Term

It has been my privilege to serve as your treasurer for the past four years and if elected to another term, I’ll continue to help keep CGS moving forward. My goal is to keep our organization financially strong and also to bring some new ideas to the table. Thank you for your support.

Secretary – Dorothy Powers – 1st Term

To many of you I may seem new to CGS, but in reality, I am not. Back in 1998 when Olivia was President, Cathy Sikora was VP, Robin Paepcke was Sec., and Diane Peterson was Trea., I was the Rep at Large. I look forward to being more involved in CGS and renewing friendships and making new friends. I look forward to serving on the board.

Representative at Large – Karen Lynn – 8th Term                                    


I have currently been serving as the Rep. at Large and previously as Secretary, Treasurer and Vice President for the six years prior to this past term. I have been a member since May 2002 and involved with many of the CGS events. I again, hope to continue to serve CGS and our community.

Email Karen at: [email protected]