Mission Statement

The Chicago Gender Society (CGS) is organized and operated for social, charitable and educational purposes. More specifically, CGS is a social, and educational organization for all members of the Transgender community, their supporters and for the benefit of the public. The goal of CGS is to provide social and educational activities for its members, the transgender community and its supporters and the general public. It seeks to promote a positive self-image for transgender individuals in the business community, in the media and the general public. CGS is neither a therapy group nor a dating service. Each member is responsible for their own conduct.

CGS exists to serve the members in four areas:

  1. To offer safe semi-public educational activities for members and the opportunity to meet others with similar interests, build their confidence, and perfect their presentation.
  2. To educate the general public in order to dispel fear, ignorance and promote acceptance of the transgendered.
  3. To provide educational programs to educate, assist and support all its members.
  4. To develop a growing leadership and volunteer base that will expand this work.